Welcome to My World Where the Sensual and Sadistic Collide!

Lady N with handcuffs

So you want to know more about me…. The best way to get to know me is definitely to meet me in person, but if you haven’t had the honor and are dying to know more now you can chat with me online, and/or send me a message. In the meantime here are some basic things about me…

I am a 32 year old African-American (mixed heritage actually) Lifestyle and Pro Domme that knows what she wants and knows how to get it. When asked how I identify I state that I am a queer, poly, femme, dominant, sadist with a strong mommy side.

I am a compassionate, non-judgmental Domme who understands your deviant desires. I am always at my best when I am using my creative energy to the fullest, which allows me to be a very playful and sensual, yet stern and demanding Domme.

I am a skilled master of non-verbal communication. I exhibit a quiet confidence, have a mischievous grin and operate with a ‘no-nonsense attitude’. I speak with a soft yet firm voice as I have many other ways of maintaining your attention… I take great pleasure in causing you noticeable mental anguish and if it pleases me, severe physical discomfort.

Having been in this lifestyle over 13 years, I am experienced in a wide array of BDSM activities and my play ranges from the sensual to the severe. And, I continue to expand my repertoire by participating in educational workshops, attending BDSM/fetish related conferences, absorbing various BDSM/fetish related erotica, instructional writings and videos. I also am continually adding to my extensive toy chest.

I offer genuine and erotic experiences in a safe, discreet, and warm environment where you are able to explore your darkest desires. All limits are respected unless otherwise negotiated in a slave contract.

Put yourself in my capable hands and let me be your guide. Whether you are a nervous novice contemplating your first time with a lifestyle/professional Domme or a seasoned player with many years of experience, I look forward to sharing a unique and memorable encounter with you.


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